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sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2018

Tim Mason - Sonar

Today I woke up in the clouds, next to the stars ...
And it was when I suddenly came across a "Sonar" that emitted powerfully vibrant sounds that made me jump in the vibrant universe of this Friday that promises to explode of many emotions and bombastic energies!

Tim Mason has overcome himself with "Sonar": electrifying sound makes the heart palpitate and the body moves in a frenetic and contagious synchronism.

Of a meteoric growth success throughout his talented career, Tim Mason (from Brighton - UK) once again consecrated himself with his new track "Sonar", which carries the label of the renowned record company Anjunabeats, among the greatest artists of the music EDM of the genre progressive house, shining in the limelight of dance music worldwide.
His work has a portfolio of record labels such as Anjunabeats, Size Records, Armada Trice, Spinnin' Records, Doorn Records, Zerothree. 
In addition to his sweeping hits such as Aalto, Twelve Beats, Figalogue, Switcher, Chords of Life, Nver Be, Inner Love, The Light, Serum, Eternity, Starlight, Swoon, The Moment, among others.
And let's go! Dance and enjoy a lot "Sonar" !!

Conexão Lia Nagel congratulates Tim Mason & Anjunabeats and says: We are together!!

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