Conexão Lia Nagel

quinta-feira, 12 de abril de 2012

Talvez um dia quem sabe!

Maybe one day ... who knows!

Maybe one day who knows, over time, you remember me fondly.
Maybe your heart is suffering with my memories

Maybe make you smile and go back in time to relive the joys of our way or my love.
It is possible that there are wounds but love is a big risk, it can not be happy without risk!

But deep down I'm sure I did well to your heart, after all my love was not in vain ...
Many times you hurt my heart,

But love passionately makes us suffer
Because we expect much more than we can receive

Perhaps in the solitude of your room on a rainy night I call your heart,
You can go to a movie of us, the movie of a love so great that did not fit within us or you ...

And deep in your eyes you find my picture.
Maybe this time my memories make you smile or even cry, rereading the letters and emails

Love my heart dictated to you,
Only for you ...

At this point you might wonder:
Does he still think about me?

This answer I will not give you
But know that in me you'll always be, because love makes brands impossible to erase.

Remember: every time your heart for me to call, my heart here will feel
The only certainty is that I will never forget you ..

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