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terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2012

Mensagem de Amigo (leia sem chorar)

Para todos os meus amigos de todos os tempos, fases, mundos ....
Com amor, Lia Nagel.


To all my friends of all ages, stages, worlds ....
Love, Lia Nagel.

WERE OUR FRIENDS (Almany Falcão)
One day most of us will forget.
Will miss lovingly offered,
of attention, the dreams we had,
so many laughs and moments we shared.
Even miss the moments shared, reciprocal
the beginnings, the eve of the weekend,
celebrated the end of the year, finally living ... companionship.
I always thought that all friendships continue forever.
Today I'm not so sure.
Soon each goes to his side, following his life,
perhaps we may find by a mere chance.
A chat on the phone, e-mail and the old memories ...
Then the days will pass, months, years,
to this contact becomes increasingly rare.
Let's get lost in time and forget the names.
One day our children will see those pictures and messages
and ask, "Who are these people?"
We say that our friends were going to hurt this much!
It is these friendships that happened, who avenged in my garden
bloomed and the petals of a flowering ornamental
later to become casual, like a bouquet!
Therefore it is necessary to cultivate friendship all day to day,
for this transience has never felt!

I'm here to confirm that ...
I hope you're in agreement!

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