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sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Believe in yourself ....

"Believe in yourself because only you can julgar.Ouse high, take risks and never regret.Never give up and knows how to appreciate those who love us, but they deserve your respect.
For the rest, well, no one ever needed remains to be happy! "

"Endless horizon
Look around and take a deep breath.
Believe in your God within.
Yes you can conquer the world.
Live life with passion!
Thank God and thank ...
But thank from the heart.
You are strong, capable.
There, make plans,
Run back to life, be aware.
Take happiness with honesty.
Nothing will stop him!
Wish deeply!
(Siomara Teixeira)

A kiss on your heart and you really win
his victories and never give up on your dreams ... Lia Nagel
Love all!!!

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