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quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

Tribute: Elizabeth Taylor - by Lia Nagel

We can not be immortal, but somehow we can become an unforgettable ...
The most beautiful eyes I've ever seen ...
One of the most stunning women I have known that ...
One of the most talented actresses, perfect, remarkable and extraordinary that already existed in the history of cinema.
Just ... Liz
May God open the gates of heaven for you rest in peace in Lord's embrace.
By Lia Nagel.

Some photos of Elizabeth Taylor

The unforgettable Cleoprata

Madonna Reacts to Elizabeth Taylor's Passing1270763234_winters-taylor-290.jpg

The eternal and unforgettable artists:
Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson
Now, together forever ...

Your eyes are beautiful,
which together with you will be unforgettable!

The goodbye always the brightest star Elizabeth Taylor

By: Lia Nagel

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